Although this page started exclusively for the 'Sign Language' painting series, that series is now done and almost all currently available paintings are on the available link


'Sign Language' painting series

These paintings start as pure abstracts with their own independent life and energy .

Once they're old enough to walk, I send them off to explore San Francisco.

When they bring their new friends and stories home I paint their adventure into the picture.

Since words aren't enough I use . . . Sign Language.


(If you have any ideas of your own, favorite places, etc. feel free to make a suggestion)


This web page is a work in progress ...I've been really busy painting , so if you bookmark it and keep checking back it'll always be evolving.

There are now 4 sections - AVAILABLE, IN PROGRESS, ARCHIVES 1and ARCHIVES 2(with details)- All separate links from the white menu bar at the top left

All paintings are 12" x 30" on museum wrap canvas (at this point)



Also, click here to link to an interesting tryptich recently done - same 12"x30" canvases but horizontal - its obliquely related to 'Sign Language' and titled 'The Music is in the Mix'