'Sign Language' painting series

These paintings start as pure abstracts with their own independent life and energy . Once they're old enough to walk, I send them off to explore San Francisco.

When they bring their new friends and stories home I paint their adventure into the picture. Since words aren't enough we use . . . Sign Language.


Below are some of the completed pieces from the series no longer available.

(If you have any ideas of your own, favorite places, etc. feel free to make a suggestion)


All paintings are 12" x 30" on museum wrap canvas






Ferry terminal



(Conservatory in Golden Gate Park)



(on the bridge)


Night Game

(Giants Ballpark

from 4th Str. Bridge)


Point of View


(Pyramid from Embarcadero)


(at the end of)

Stockton tunnel

Old & New - Hob Nob


Huntington Park



( School St. - Telegraph Hill )

Nice Crib!

( Strolling the Gate )


Night Lights

( Java Beach @ the Zoo )

Into the Mystic

( Golden Gate - thanks 2 Van Morrison 4 title )

Follow the Ball

( Mc Covey Cove )

Looking Up, Looking Down

( Kite Hill - off Market St)

Lights, Lanterns, Rhythm & Rhyme


Great Highway

(Ocean Beach @ the Zoo)


(Pyramid in Fog from Embarcadero Center)


(Golden Gate Br)

Super Baby



Twilight on Market St


( walking towards Ferry Bldg )


Lombard from the Top



Dressed for the Occasion Roosevelt Tamale Parlour Follow the Ball




Dressed for the Occasion

Night Lights


North Beach

Old School

(Roosevelt Tamale Parlor)

(Mission - 24th St)

Sky Span


Golden Gate Bridge

Follow the Ball

( Mc Covey Cove )

New Day

( Sunrise in GGPark )

(Golden Gate Park)


One Gypsy

Cable car track

California St

Sutter Station

Downtown - Sutter @ Market

( this was a commission )

Cruising Speed


Treasure Island


vOver the Gate


Golden Gate Bridge


Touch the Sky




California (Street) Crest

Nob Hill