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'The Music is in the Mix'is now finished and was auctioned on the Patron Ebay auctionsite

Here is the final painting - a vertical triptych titled 'The Music is in the Mix'




(Page 2 has more details and also photos of the writing on the side... )

Here is a little step by step as I was painting in the window by Yerba Buena Gardens...

I was given the opportunity to make a live painting in a storefront window at 825 Howard Street in San Francisco Dec28,29,30,31 and Jan 2 as part of a nationwide art project for Patron.

The hours were 3-10PM.


There will be a time lapse video posted eventually once I am done and Patron finishes editing it. The painting will be auctioned on Patron's ebay website for the project.

Below are some links to the relative web and facebook pages along with photos of my painting in progress along with some notes.

It started out like this

The concept is perfect balance found on a day in San Francisco. The first painting starts at sunrise near my art studio at Mission Rock on the eastern working waterfront of San Francisco. The second, middle painting pauses to focus on the juxtaposition of intensely physical work and play in Mission Bay across from the Giants ballpark) where on one side are Cirque du Soleil tents set up for their performance while across the street huge piledrivers are pounding 30+foot long huge I-beams into the ground for the foundation of a new building. I think the juxtaposition of these two is poetic and beautiful. The third painting is of late sunset at Ocean Beach on the opposite side of town...looking out into infinity.

But more on that later...

Right now I'd just like to show a few more images of the painting in progress.


I will be posting and writing more tomorrow, after New Year's Eve tonight. Happy New Year everyone.

In the meantime...

Patron Ebay site Here is some info about Patron's project and some links Time Lapse Videos

Patrón Spirits is inviting a new kind of window shopping this holiday season. Starting November 15 and continuing through January 2, 2012, the Patrón "Simply Perfect" Art Project will showcase live, working art studios that offer artists the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind works of art for auction in support of four local organizations.
Across the country, four "Simply Perfect" Art Project studios occupy formerly vacant storefront windows that have been transformed into spaces of creativity and imagination for nearly 30 up-and-coming artists. Given approximately one week each, artists will create an original painting, sculpture or other work based on their personal interpretation of Patrón tequila's "Simply Perfect" mantra.

Watch the Artists on our YouTube Channel
Each studio is active throughout the week and weekends during afternoons and evenings. During all other times, the art will be on display in each window, along with a video screen showing the progression of the collective work. To view the art in the making, please visit one of the four "Simply Perfect" Art Project locations, including:

Chicago – 50 East Chicago Avenue (between North Wabash Avenue & North Rush Street)

Los Angeles – 7024 Hollywood Boulevard (between North Sycamore Avenue & North Orange Drive)

New York City – 454 West Broadway (between Prince Street & West Houston Street)

San Francisco – 825 Howard Street (between 4th Street & 5th Street)
The proceeds from the purchased pieces will benefit local art organizations that are partners on the project, including:

Chicago Artists' Coalition (
Los Angeles Art Association (
New York Foundation for the Arts (
The Artists Guild of San Francisco (
Please visit often over the next ten weeks as there will be over 30 pieces of unique artwork to bid on.

Patron Ebay site

Time Lapse Videos

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