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About the artwork

The Seamless City Scenes are signed, very limited edition fine art prints.
They are absolutely NOT stitched panorama photos!

They are $300 unframed

Please click on the images to see them in much more detail

These pieces have been displayed recently at Farley's and Klein's on Potrero Hill and the North Beach Festival.
A large (7 foot wide framed) version of Castro Street was also shown at the Peninsula Museum
and at Mikaela Gallery in Hayes Valley in San Francisco
The Firehouses were shown at the1906 Great Fire and Earthquake Centennial at Pier 38

North Beach by Washington Square

36" wide by 9" high - edition of 150 total
This is now historical because it includes Fior D'Italia

Potrero Hill at 18th St. with Farley's, Chez Papa, etc.

36" wide by 9" high - edition of 150 total

Castro Street with Castro Theater

36" wide by 9" high - edition of 150 total

A large seven foot wide(framed) version of this was shown at the Peninsula Museum,
and Mikaela Gallery in Hayes Valley in San Francisco

Cortland Ave, Bernal Heights - 6 blocks

40" wide by 5" high - edition of 50 total
This is the first section of San Francisco I did - it includes the old library and the original Good Life mural

They are normally each $300 unframed
Framing is archival quality - brushed metal with U.V. plexiglass and 100% rag mat.

To purchase please email
or call 415 336-1036

Shipping for unframed pieces is also available for $10 per US address.
Pieces are shipped rolled and insured.

I decided to make these sections of the route available separately from the main project. They are smaller and include sky backgrounds. They are printed in a limited edition with no additional artists proofs or anything else!)

A quick note about technique

The editions are E.V. (meaning edition varied- i.e. I will probably play with the backgrounds during the printing, so all will not be the same, but what you see below is what you'll get right now.

I've tried all kinds of stitching software to try to help speed up the work on this project, but nothing gets even close to the visual effect I want. It would also be impossible with only a mouse. I use a graphic tablet that lets me work as if I were using a brush or pencil.

Each segment is made from many, many photos shot from all kinds of angles that are then edited and composited in Photoshop to create the illusion of a seamless single image. The North Beach piece, for example, is made from over 400 photos. The simplest piece has 120 photos. If you start looking closely, you might notice, among other things, that I've removed almost all of the street wiring...


I also have available

San Francisco Firehouses

This is a signed, limited edition available in 3 sizes in a total edition of 350.
The Firehouses were shown at the1906 Great Fire and Earthquake Centennial at Pier 38.

Temporary Sale Price(sale over) for 16" x 23" size is only $135 unframed or $200 framed!
Temporary Sale Price for 8" x 10"ish individual Firehouses
is only
$75 unframed or $100 framed!

Shipping is also available.
Click here for more Firehouse details

available pieces

Besides the fixed edition prints available above, there are occasionally larger pieces
and pieces of other sections available as they are finished
For example Castro Street is available in a very large version
(7 feet wide framed- 6 feet artwork) in an edition of 5.
If you are interested please email or call me and I will keep you posted.

A very few extra large working proofs between 7 and 21 feet long are available.
These are one of a kind. Contact me or schedule a studio visit to see these.
Various framed 13" x 49 working proofs are available starting at $500

Please contact me if you wish to be a part of this historic project.
All forms of payment are acceptable.

or phone 415. 336-1036

All Images © Michael Koller
Seamless City™ is a registered trademark